Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date, specs, price and other updates

Galaxy Note 4 release date

Update as on  January 31, 2014

Samsung hints on 4K display in Galaxy Note 4-

Samsung likes innovations and that’s the reason each successor of Note series smartphone comes up with new innovative idea and technology. This time again the South Korea based techie trying something extra ordinary for its widely rumored phablet Galaxy Note 4. Samsung hints at 4K display in Galaxy Note 4 however it may not materialise as we are yet to see 2K display in any of the device. If Samsung could make it possible for Galaxy Note 4, it will be a great achievement however if Galaxy Note 4 misses, it is being said that Samsung’s flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 will make a debut with 4K Display.

Update as on  January 13, 2014

The latest update on the high end device suggests that Galaxy Note 4 may come up with three-sided display to view the videos and read messages from every angle. It will help people to read content on the display from all the directions pretty easily. Apart from it, other update tells that Note 4 may feature flexible display. If it comes with such display, Galaxy Note 4 will completely rule the the market.

Update as on  January 6, 2014

The latest update which hints the possible design of upcoming Galaxy Note 4 is the award of two patents to Samsung on 31st December 2013. The request for patent was filed in September 2013 and it was being said the request was for the design of Galaxy Note 3 but it came out with completely a different design which points the patent request might have given for the design of Galaxy Note 4.


We are just in the third month of newly born baby, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that debuted in September this year, people are already discussing about the Galaxy Note 4 release date, its specifications, price range and other features that this stunning device may sport. On the other hand, It could be a little disappointment for the people who are waiting for Galaxy Note 4 to come that instead of releasing Galaxy Note 4 Samsung may announce Note 3′s sibling, the Galaxy Note 3 Lite however its just a speculation we can not comment on it unless we receive more information on the said topic.

Galaxy Note 4 release date

The chances of the release of Galaxy Note 4 is higher because we haven’t seen any Note series new model given a ”Letter” or specific “WORD”, it comes out with completely a new name. Moreover If we look at the series, Galaxy Note was released at first followed by Galaxy Note 2 and now Galaxy Note 3, so next in the row could be Galaxy Note 4 instead of Galaxy Note 3 Lite.

Based on the rumors surfacing on tech blogs around the world, the expected release date of Galaxy Note 4 is Aug/September 2014. It may happen that Samsung will announce its flagship phablet during MWC 2014 and it will become available to buy from then onward however the release date could be pre-pone based on the release of other high end devices due for launch next year by other tech giants likes Apple, HTC and LG.

The release date is not yet confirm however if we look at previous generations, all were released during Aug/September. Have a look at below data:

Samsung Galaxy Note – August/September 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – September 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – September 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – August/September 2014 (expected)

Galaxy Note 4 specs

As far as Galaxy Note 4 specifications are concern there is not much information available expect that Galaxy Note 4 may feature octo-core processor with Exynos chipset however its a pure speculation, we will get to know more about it a bit later. The biggest news comes on the camera that Galaxy Note 4 is going to feature.

According to rumors, this high end device will feature 20 megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology. There are rumors which say that  Note 4 is going to feature 16 megapixel camera but I do agree with it. We have seen rivals like Xperia Z1 and Nokia’s Lumia 1020 is already way ahead with 20 and 41 megapixel camera respectively and I don’t see any reason for Samsung to release Note 4 with 16 megapixel camera. OIS technology will help clicking brighter photographs in bad lighting conditions.

Apart from it, ofcourse to make it process faster, Samsung will supply it with 4 GB RAM atleast. Talking about battery, since Galaxy Note 3 sports 3200 mAh Li-ion battery, Galaxy Note 4 will have something better than this and it may be given 3500 mAh battery and could last longer than its predecessor.

Galaxy Note 4 Price

Since it is going to be given such a robust hardware system and great features, the price could fall anywhere between $800-$900 (without contract) at different locations.

Everyday new rumor comes about this high end device and I try to cover all on this blog to keep the readers abreast of current situation. Keep on checking this blog for other latest updates however if you are kind of busy person, you may subscribe to receive updates directly to your inbox.

Galaxy Note 4 to feature PLS LCD display to cut down device cost by 20%


This new speculation suggests that Samsung’s flagship smartphones, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 are going to feature PLS (Plane-to-Line switching) LCD screen rather than AMOLED however this should be taken with grain of salt as South Korea based tech giant recently announced that two high end devices will feature Super AMOLED LCD touchscreen. This […]

Galaxy Note 4 to feature 20 megapixel camera with OIS technology, curved and flexible display, fingerprint sensor

The widely rumored Galaxy Note 4 is going to feature 20 megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization technology, curved and flexible display and fingerprint sensor. This is the summary of speculation surfacing on big tech blogs. The high end device with probable release date in September 2014 is going to feature 20 megapixel camera and not 16 MP.

There are several reasons why Galaxy Note 4 wouldn’t sport 16 megapixel camera and rivals like Sony’s Xperia Z1 and Nokia’s Lumia 1020 with 20 and 41 megapixel camera is one of them. When the customers have smartphones with such great cameras, people wouldn’t prefer to buy Galaxy Note 4 with just 16 megapixel camera. Galaxy Note 4..


Moreover Samsung never likes to stay behind from the rivals and Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 are just examples to support the fact with many smart features and ultra fast hardware system. Samsung has always been the innovator and not the follower so it may happen that Galaxy Note 4 features more than 20 megapixel camera but not 16. Apart from it, its not just about megapixel counts, the rumors suggest that Galaxy Note 4 is going to use Optical Image Stabilization technology. This technology will help people to click photographs in bad light.

The rumors also suggests that Galaxy Note 4 is going to feature curved and flexible display and it will be the first phone with such quality. Samsung understands the customers, their behaviors and always try to bring innovation in their devices and flexible display is again a step towards making Galaxy Note 4 stand along from the rivals. Furthermore, Samsung may use  fingerprint sensor to add one more additional feature to its flagship phablet.

As far as Galaxy Note 4 release date is concern, it is said that Samsung will announce this device during MWC 2014 conference in September and will make it available to buy for the customer starting same month. As I said in my previous post that this prediction is made based on the trend that Samsung is following for its Note series phablets but it totally depend on the market conditions and what other rivals are doing.  There are couple of good smartphones due for release next year by HTC and LG, so this may affect Galaxy Note 4 release date, it may shift to June 2014 as well.